START! Sauce 4th of July Recipes


July-4thHappy Birthday to the country START! is made in, the good ‘ole US of A! Check out these delicious fourth of July recipes using START! Hot Curry Sauce. Submit your START! recipes to today!

Mexican-food-recipes-from-startsauce.comTasty START! Tacos

START! Cauliflower Manchurian - startsauce.comCauliflower Manchurian

Here are some easy, tasty ideas where all you have to do is just add some START!

START! Curry Fries

START! Curry Fries

Take your french fries and pour over with START! as desired! Oui Oui!

START! Rich Falafel - RECIPE from

START! Curry Falafel

Grabbing a falafel or making one at home? Sprinkle on some START! for a flavor kick!

 START! Mango Salad
START! Mango Salad

Mangoes, cucumber and tomatoes over clover sprouts with lime and START!

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